1058 YYHSND Three-step High Stools Home Multi-function Folding Telescopic Mini Ladder Step stool Stool Portable yvdluq1453-Step Stools

1058 YYHSND Three-step High Stools Home Multi-function Folding Telescopic Mini Ladder Step stool Stool Portable yvdluq1453-Step Stools

There are some small but very important things you can do to help boost listens to your broadcast. The combination of a relevant, catchy show name, great episode titles, and the use of keywords which give good results will work together to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your show. Search results are heavily dependent on keyword relevance, so you want to get the most out of the capabilities you have. In this series, we will be talking about these three things to help optimize your SEO and search engine ranking for your show and in turn, drive more traffic to your broadcast. Continue reading

This step stool allows you to clean the home against the high cabinets and wardrobes. The stable stand and light design are easy to carry and ready to install with each room. The foot rubber protection device prevents damage to the floor. The ladder folds when not in use. It makes it easy to store.
The surface of the stool, all corners and edges are completely rounded and polished, smooth, scratch-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. Foldable, easy to store, suitable for indoor and outdoor needs.
▲Material: The high stool is made of high quality steel tube, which is durable and will not deform and will not rust.
▲Design: Folding design, space saving, ultra-light portable belt. Environmentally friendly non-slip rubber casing to protect the floor and have a long service life. Can greatly improve stability.
▲Advantages: Metal strengthens the pillars to improve stability. Thickened steel material, non-slip texture, strong bearing capacity, no deformation for a long time.

1058 YYHSND Three-step High Stools Home Multi-function Folding Telescopic Mini Ladder Step stool Stool Portable yvdluq1453-Step Stools

Learn how Tunein and Alexa can bring your show into homes.

Listening to your broadcast has become even easier. You can now submit your radio show to Tunein which will make your show available on Amazon Alexa devices. Amazon Alexa devices are wireless, voice-activated “smart speakers”, they have a personal assistant voice service named “Alexa” that is comparable to Siri. Continue reading

1058 YYHSND Three-step High Stools Home Multi-function Folding Telescopic Mini Ladder Step stool Stool Portable yvdluq1453-Step Stools

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There are many different destinations that audiences can listen to your podcast. As a podcaster, you want to make sure your podcast is available everywhere your audience is. The key is that one distribution point (your podcast host) is responsible for spreading your podcast across the internet via your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed.

Having a conversation is something we do all the time, a part of everyday life. However, the power of the humble conversation as a marketing tool is being re-evaluated by marketers around the world as they are starting to see what an integral part of a communications strategy it can be – especially when it comes to broadcast media.  DC Origins Series 1 Catwoman Action Figure Two-Pack stated that

the lack of strong scripting creates a spontaneous flow, which leads listeners to repeat these conversations to their peers, their friends and their families, creating their own versions of the discussion and making new connections.”

This is particularly applicable to radio where conversations have the opportunity to last for longer periods of time compared to TV or video, meaning that in turn they become more natural and consequently draw listeners in. So, let’s take a look at conversation and how you can use it to your advantage in your content strategy!

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It’s undeniable. Everyone who is putting themselves out there and broadcasting on a regular basis is keen to grow their audience. However, the art of gaining new listeners is not an easy one and is something which takes time and practice. How you go about drawing in those followers completely depends on what you’re talking about but there are some general rules which always help pique the interest of potential listeners. Make sure you’re not missing a trick by following these 5 rules!

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The interview format is here to stay. Whether it’s a talk show, magazine profile or radio broadcast they attract listeners and viewers alike. Why? Huffington Post believes ‘we’ll always be drawn to Q&As about other people’s lives’ and Aurora Marino Sea Horse 7.5-Inch Sea Sparkles Purse confirms this ‘there is something to be said for being offered an insight into the mind of a well-known individual’.

Celebrity or not, we have an innate curiosity about other people’s lives and that’s the beauty of a great interview. On the surface it seems a simple enough format but a dynamic back and forth is much harder than it appears. If you’re not already on the interview bandwagon, you should think about getting them into your content plan, our ‘How to’ guide will answer your burning questions and put you on track to hosting great interviews!

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Finding a great guest is the first hurdle to tackle but before you start cold-calling people you need to think about some important questions: who is my audience? what do they want to know? what will this guest bring to my show? Basically, you need to have a specific purpose for speaking to someone, any guest you invite on your show should enrich the themes you cover. A great start is to discover who the experts in the field you want to cover are, an advanced search on Amazon can help identify who has recently published a study in your field of choice – search by topic, then adjust the search for relevance and publication date.

The next step once you have honed in on a guest to is to imagine them as a ‘story’, thinking about the narrative you could create if they were on your show and how you would tell it to your audience. Research them and have an idea of where you want the discussion to go, drawing up a list of potential questions.

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